Some people are tactile decision makers. There is no number of pretty pictures or impressive data that gets the point across quite like holding the decision in your own hands. Not only can you touch and feel the tiles before you purchase, you can do it all in the comfort of your own home. Choose up to 5 tiles and click ‘GET A SAMPLE’ on the product page to add them to your sample order. Once you have selected everything you want, click ‘MY SAMPLES’ in the bottom corner of your screen and checkout. Next thing you know, you’ll be holding them in your living room.
The best way to be sure the tiles are high quality and perfect for your project is to touch and feel them with your own hands. The only thing better than that is to do it in your own home. Buy confidently knowing your tiles are the real deal. Average sample size sent 100 x 100mm. 



 How To Order Samples 
Step 1   Look through TileCloud's beautiful collection of tiles and discover the ones you love. Click on your favourites.
Step 2   Select the “Get A Sample” button on the left hand side below the tile
Step 3   The tile will be added to your sample cart. You can add up to 5 samples. Once you are finshed shopping, click checkout.    





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